JV Cavs Boys Basketball Grows Through Challenges

The Chillicothe JV Boys Basketball team has been making strides on the court despite the challenges it has faced amid the pandemic and a rebuilding year.

Photo by Gracie Bethel

“This has been such an unusual year with the season not starting until January, and trying to play 13 games in a month is very difficult,” said JV Coach Lance Stoneking.

A significant amount of students graduated from varsity last year, and the team members are still adjusting to moving forward with their new roles.

“As far as leadership, I rely heavily on Aiden Spaulding to keep the team together and push them to do their very best,” said Stoneking.”I also expect Tre' King to step up and provide a lead by example work attitude and work ethic.”

The JV Boys Basketball team currently has a record of (1-10), but Stoneking said the boys are improving and working better together.

“I think we are trying to get comfortable with each other and with the coaches,” said Stoneking. “We lack game experience and it definitely shows at times; however, we must continue to trust the process and continue to start doing the little things well.”

Written by CHS student Gracie Bethel

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