Local Student’s Take on COVID-19: Tucker Stoneburner

Today on our standard student spotlight at Chillicothe High School, we are interviewing an esteemed student, and picking his brain about the current situation of his life and Ohio due to the COVID-19 virus shutting down the state and most standard activities.

Q: What is your name?

A: Tucker Stoneburner.

Q: What grade are you in currently?

A: Senior.

Q: Are you currently employed, and, if so, where?

A: Yes, I currently am employed at Jiffy Clean.

Q: What have you been doing as of late to pass the time during the stay-at-home order in Ohio due to the COVID-19 virus?

A: Well, for the most part, I have been staying home, watching TV, and playing video games over the Internet with my friends.

Q: When do you hope that the COVID-19 virus will be over?

A: I am hoping that this whole virus ordeal will be over and done with as soon as possible, but if I were to put a realistic date on things I would hope April 15 or within the weeks to come after then.

Q: Are you worried about the COVID-19 virus?

A: I myself am not too worried about the virus as a whole. Sure, I may not be part of the main demographic that is in danger because of this.

Q: What has the shut down of Ohio due to COVID-19 taken away from you, or what are you excited to regain access to when the shutdown is over?

A: Well, for the most part, about a month before the shut down took place I had joined a gym for physical self improvement, but since the shut down, the gym has been closed. Thus, I suppose I would be anticipating the return of myself to the gym when I can.

Q: What do you think about all of the people who are over-reacting to the shutdown and are buying up too many things and, thus, keeping products from others?

A: I really am awestruck due to the fact of how many people are over-reacting from seeing what other people have done on social media, and, thus, have been over-reacting and buying way too much products such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and medical masks. Like, seriously, how can you and your 3 family members use up 650 rolls of toilet paper within a year, unless every other week you are planning on re-wrapping a mummy?

Q: Do you think that the virus over all will have been a negative or positive impact?

A: Well, thus far, it’s not the best that people have been getting sick that they wouldn’t have too, but I’d hope people will learn from this situation we have found ourselves in and they will learn how to stay more sanitary.

Q: What do you suggest people do to try to soothe their nerves about the current situation at large?

A: Well for the most part, I would suggest for people to try their best to keep themselves distracted and busy for the meanwhile: listen to music, binge a show or two on Netflix, just try to relax the best you can.

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