2020 CHS Senior Superlatives

The results are in the Chillicothe High School Senior Superlatives. A total of 108 members of the Class of 2020 voted their peers for the following 16 categories:

Most School Spirit: Andrew McCallum and Sophie Fulkerson Biggest Flirt: Tito Garcia and Lauren Henry Best Smile: Dominic Nunziato and Sara Harness Best Eyes: Nehemiah Reissig and Laikin Tarlton Best Hair: Jett Pennington and Natalie Drotleff Best Dressed: Keyshawn Brown and Caroline Ford Most Athletic: Courtland Duncan and Zoe Ford Most Musical/Artistic: Super Sophomores and Bess Routte Best Personality: Matthew Putnam, Hannah Barnes, and Kiki Hawk Class Clown: McKellan Lee and Katie Brown Worst Case of Senioritis: Ryan Beardsley and Madison Copas Best Car: Cameron Tisdale and Jenna Lapurga Worst Car: Chris Domo and Annebelle Dykes Most Changed: Jarret Knisley and Avery Moore Attached at the Hip: Lily Martin and Elizabeth Coffey Should Have Been A Couple: Michael Herlihy and Jenna Lapurga

Superlative photos will be taken on Organizational Picture Day, which is Thursday, February 20th, 2020.

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