Club Spotlight: Community Communications

Q. What is your club about?

A. My club's mission is to promote other clubs and activities taking place in Chillicothe High School.

Q. How does this club help students?

A. The club helps shed a light on the great things that students are doing at CHS. It also provides club members with a time to effectively practice their public relations skills.

Q. What is the end of the year project for the club?

A. Each month, club members try to complete a digital media project based on the request of another CHS in-school club, but every Wednesday club members make sure to complete at least one project.

Q. What do students do during club time?

A. Students create videos, take pictures, conduct interviews, and even make posters for their digital media projects.

Q. What gave you the thought or motivated you to have this club?

A. Mrs. Coulter and I wanted to give students who don't take my classes the exposure to learn more about digital media. We also wanted to give my current students a period where they could have more creative freedom.

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