CHS Junior Class Earns Lunch Line Express Passes for Best Attendance Rate

The Junior Class currently holds the highest attendance rate of all the Chillicothe High School grade levels with an average 91%, according to CHS English Teacher Mrs. Jessica Orr.

Orr also said that the Sophomore Class was second with 90%, and Senior and Freshman classes tied at 89%.

School officials said that grade-level attendance will be monitored each week, and the high school graduating class with the highest attendance rate will receive a prize.

This week, the Juniors won an express pass to get into the lunch line before other students.

Pictured is CHS Junior Logan Snowden holding a lunch pass.

"I think it is a very cool idea," said CHS student Connor Russell. "It gives the kids who don't always come to school a reason to come -- they get a reward."

Orr said that prizes could include lunch line express passes, the change to vote for a lunch menu item, and a treat provided by CHS Principal Mr. Matt Ballentine.

Orr stated that weekly winners will be announced each Monday via the CHS Morning Announcements.

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