Teacher Appreciation: Mr. Batson

For this edition of Teacher Appreciation Week, I select Mr. Brad Batson. Mr. Batson is a Psychology and Social Justice teacher at Chillicothe High School.

He is a Clemson Alum from Greenville, South Carolina. Despite his differences from his fellow Buckeye students, he puts his Clemson ego aside and tends to everyone's needs.

Batson tries his best to cover all content and never hesitates to answer questions. He recently held a study session for AP Psychology students on the weekend, which is not a requirement for his job.

Batson also hosts a College Sports Club where he donates pizza and awards. It is not the materialistics that matter; it is the thought that counts.

Mr. Batson is a well-respected and valued teacher at CHS, and this is why he was my pick for Teacher Appreciation Week.

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