The Sweetheart Swirl

There is a new dance being hosted at Chillicothe High School called "The Sweetheart Swirl".

This semi-formal dance will be held Saturday, February 16th, starting at 7 p.m. and ending at 10 p.m.

All CHS students are welcome, and guest forms will be available to students to bring an outside guest.

"If you prefer to wear casual clothes, you can. If you want to wear a dress, you can," said CHS Student Liaison Sophie Fulkerson. "However you are comfortable is how we want you to come."

The price is $5 per ticket, and tickets will be sold the week of the 11th through the 15th during all lunch periods.

Organizers said proceeds go towards funding prom; additionally, Student council students will donate 3 items to a local food pantry or homeless shelter for every ticket sold.

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