CMS Spelling Bee Results

The Chillicothe Middle School Spelling Bee was held on Monday, February 4th, 2019, in the CHS/CMS library.

The overall winner was 8th grader Allison Lutz, who was followed by runner-up 7th grader Austin Sprouse.

The others who participated in the spelling bee were: Donny Myers, Kairi France, Marcus Knowles, Xavier Crisp, Gage Miller, Walter Eigel, Murielle Ngalle, Damien Gutierrez, Nicholas Snodgrass, Perrin Kennedy, Cayden Lee, Josh Beverly, Nevaeh Dawson, Boston Reisinger, Preston Crawford, Darius Ragland, Haley Wiget, Aaron Valentine, Sam Ervin, Sarah Kennedy, Mecca Richardson, Maverick Griesheimer, Linda Rinehart, Joshua Sandford, Jelissa Kight, Zaria Washington, Kacey Darling, Aaron Lee, Jordan James, Breanna Southwick, Nadia Hendershot, Alan Noel, Lyndon Walker-Conley, Siri Lincke, and Briana Buscowski.

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