Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Now Out For Switch

When Smash Bros. Ultimate was announced at E3, it filled everyone with excitement with just a few words: "Everyone is here!"

"Everyone is here" couldn't be any more accurate; every character ever released to Smash Bros. is in the new game. So, for those who missed older characters who didn't show up in Smash 4 like Snake or Ice Climbers could now enjoy them once again.

However, that wasn't all with DLC characters like Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros and Joker from Persona 5. It seems like the already large roster will continue to grow.

In the spirit of the game being released, I asked a simple question: "What characters are Chillicothe High School most excited to play?"

After conducting a poll with students and teachers, the top 10 characters we are most excited to play are:

Number 10: Pikachu from Pokemon

Number 9: Pac Man from... Pac Man

Number 8: Lucario from Pokemon

Number 7: Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros

Number 6: Link from Legend of Zelda

Number 5: Ike from Fire Emblem

Number 4: Mewtwo from Pokemon

Number 3: Jigglypuff from Pokemon

Number 2: Isabelle from Animal Crossing

Number 1: Kirby from... Kirby

Number 0: Waluigi from Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix with 30 votes

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