Chillicothe Choirs Hold Their Annual Cookie Walk

Cookie Walk is on its way and choir members are excited to bake and dress up for their school and community! But what is Cookie Walk, and why is it held every year?

Cookie Walk is an annual fundraiser held by the choir department in order to raise funds for the entire music department. Choir members are encouraged to get together with their closest friends, choose a fun holiday theme, and bake plenty of goodies. Each and every year choir students enjoy getting together, dressing up, decorating for their theme, and having a chance to win Cookie Walk!

There are three ways you can win cookie walk: Best in Show, Best Costumes, and Best Decor. Each winner is also treated to a special award from Mrs. Kennard, such as a gift card or a sweet treat to enjoy in class.

This year's Cookie Walk is to be held on Tuesday, December 11th, in the CHS/CMS cafeteria. This will be the 13th Annual Cookie Walk and all are welcome to come have fun and support their fellow classmates by buying goodies from choir members and, of course, enjoying the concert.

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