J'Quan Harris Named One of FAC's Tri-POY

The Frontier Athletic Conference released its All-FAC football team and final league standings on Friday afternoon.

FAC Records

;Hillsboro (4-1)

Jackson (4-1)

Chillicothe (3-2)

Washington (3-2)

McClain (1-4)

Miami Trace (0-5)

Tri-Players of the Year:

Hillsboro - Deon Burns POY

Jackson - Brice Parks POY

Chillicothe - J'Quan Harris POY

All-FAC Selections:


Lane Cluff

Josh Keets

Max Conover

Mason Swayne

Mark Gallimore


Brody Landrum

Matt Humphreys

Jared Icenhower

Caleb Haller


Eric Anderson

Dalton Mischal


Dillon Steward

Gio Thomas

Richard Burns

Omar Porter

Jamie McCane

Miami Trace

Dalton Mayer

Justin Shoemaker


Chris Postage

Nick Erslan

Pat Rourke

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