Meet The Teach: Mr. Vamos

This week the teach we are getting to know all about is Mr. Sean Vamos.

He is a physical science and physics teacher for freshman, juniors, and seniors. Prior to coming to Chillicothe, he was a student teacher at Nelsonville-York High, Alexander High, and Horizon Science Academy.

Vamos attended college at Ohio University where he was a teaching assistant.

"I had always been interested in science but did not realize I wanted to teach until I TA'd," said Vamos. "I had a blast doing it, so I switched from a chemistry major to a science ed major."

Vamos said he loves his experience at Chillicothe so far: "Everybody I work with is awesome and supportive, and all of the students are great. I am having a blast and hope all the students in my class do, too!"

In his free time, Vamos enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing video games, and admiring the awesomeness of Transformers.

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