End-of-the-Year Performance Plus

Prize winners from the 2018 Performance Plus assembly.

(Jasmine Roper/CAVS Media)

As the 2017-2018 school year winds down, award season here at Chillicothe High School begins. First up, there was the end-of-the-year Performance Plus assembly.

Each nine weeks students were awarded a special lunch if they made Performance Plus. To make Performance Plus, students must maintain a 3.5 gpa, have no behavioral issues, and no unexcused absences nor tardies.

On Wednesday, April 18th, around 150 students were called to the auditorium for an opportunity to be entered for around 50 different prizes, such as: wireless Beats, Bluetooth speaker, $100 cash prizes, and $250 cash prizes.

Students who made Performance Plus all year, include:

Seniors: McKenzie Allison, Jade Barnes, Andrew Benson, Jason Benson, Noah Blum, Spenser Cheek, Dawson Cook, Audrey Corzine, Gage Daniels, Jasmine Evans, Daelyn Fry, Savana Goshorn, Maxwell Griesheimer, Brittany Harper, Ciara Hines, Calvin King, Caleb Loel, Schylar Maag, Connor Mathis, Branden Maughmer, Chad Park, Megan Raines, Laura Reyes-Aguado, William Roderick, Alissa Skaggs, Barry Warfield, and Mari-Lee Winfield.

Juniors: Heidi Arth, Stephen Coats, Virginia Conner, Madison Coppel, Abigail Crabtree, Casey Crawford, Spencer Dana, Shelby Dunham, Youssef Elsharkawy, Lauren Finney, Ayla Fisher, Kiana Fitzpatrick, Kelby Gossman, Joseph Herlihy, David Hirsch, Joshua Howard, Audrey Huggins, Collin Lindsey, Shane McQueary, Corinna Mendel, Jessa Mickey, Jolai Norman, Kyrsten Oyer, Ella Parks-Cuzzolini, Adin Pendel, Bradley Rinehart, Autumn Schaeffer, Helen Sitko, Natasha Theiler, Bryce Valentine, Julian Villarreal, Richard Villarreal, Carly Wood, Justin Wood, and Riley Wrightsel.

Sophomores: Kailee Althouse, Hannah Barnes, Lilliann Barr, Trezhan Beard, Christian Benson, Andrew Blum, Cressa Brier, Jadelyn Cochenour, Elizabeth Coffey, Dylan Downing, Kayla Fitzpatrick, Caroline Ford, Zoe Ford, Carli Frey, Sophia Fulkerson, Alison Gossman, Conner Hall, Julia Hall, Michael Herlihy, Jenna Lapurga, Shianne Leach, Gabriel Mallow, Lily Martin, Caitlyn Mauger, Jayvon Maughmer, Payton McBee, Andrew McCallum, Elisabeth McGarvey, Cicillia Newton, Brandon Noel, Gwyneth Noel, Darrell Ratliff, Avery Robinson, Patrick Rourke, Elizabeth Rourke, Lillian Sabo, Kiara Shewalter, Payton Shoemaker, Bryce Shreck, Hannah Tapp, Cameron Tisdale, Patrick Tracey, Alexis Ward, and Cade Williams.

Freshman: Liliauna Carver, Jacob Coffland, Katherine Conner, Nicolas Cunningham, Kelsey Detillion, Zachary Evans, Abigail Fisk, Justine Freda Moore, Ethan Griffith, Ean Hatfield, Chansocheat Heng, Christopher Henson, Stephanie Hirsch, Emma Lambert, Seth Lewis, Aidan Limle, Jacob Littler, Elsa Mendel, Gabriel Minney, Abigail Pendel, Asia Penn, William Riffe, Drew Seymour, Quinton Skinner, Claire Smith, Seth Southers, Annabelle Wiggins, Sydney Wissler, and Corrine Woods.

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