CHS Band Division for 2018-19

A change is in the midst for the Chillicothe High School band. According to CHS Band Director Ms. Michelle Carpenter, the concert band will be split into an upper band (wind ensemble) and a lower band (concert band) next year.

Carpenter said the reason for the divide is "so (they) can build the perfect instrumentation for the top group and all parts can be heard."

Ryan Kincaid, a senior band member, however, isn't sure about the move.

"I don’t know that it’s going to work," said Kincaid. "We’re kind of stuck in a limbo land where we’re too large to have one band, but we’re not large enough to have two bands."

Kincaid cited a lack of personnel for the band "to be able to pull this off with any sort of success."

Sophomore Mark Wintersheimer stated that he was not in agreement that the decision was made without input from the current members.

"I do understand why this was a decision was made," Wintersheimer said. "However, .. I do not agree with that being the correct decision that was made."

In addition to concert band, Chillicothe High School also has jazz, pep, and marching bands in which students can join.

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