A Brief Insight on Supreme

Nowadays you may see people out in public wearing a shirt, hat, or hoodie that says "Supreme" on it and wonder what that means or where it came from. What originally started as a small skate shop in lower Manhattan is now one of the most popular brands in today’s culture. The brand known as Supreme was founded James Jebbia back in 1994 to be a place that sells cool clothes but without name brands. It has since evolved into a designer brand that sells pretty much everything, from shirts, shoes, pants, accessories, and even kayaks. Its popularity has led certain celebrities to dress in Supreme clothing.

Many people speculate that the brand realizes the joke that the fanbase is willing to buy pretty much anything that has its name on it and has adapted to it. However, it is more infamously known for its famous box logo hoodie.

It also helps that Supreme collaborates with brands like Jordan, Nike, The North Face, and Champion to create lines of clothes or shoes. By far the most popular collaboration with Supreme has to be the Supreme x Louis Vuitton 2017 collection. Its high demand caused inventory to be sold out in seconds upon release and for aftermarket sellers to double their prices.

With the 2017 winter collection that came to a successful close, big things are anticipated for the new 2018 spring collection.

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