Tiffin Student Wins Annual Spelling Bee

Upper-elementary and middle school students in the Chillicothe City School District competed in the annual Spelling Bell on Friday.

Tiffin Elementary 6th grader Austin Sprouse was named the Spelling Bee Champion after correctly spelling the word "formaldehyde" in a competition that went 28 rounds, according to instructional specialist Ms. Brenda Southworth.

"I want to congratulate this year's spelling bee participants and winners," wrote Southworth in an e-mail. "Each speller represented his or her grade level with pride."

Students from Bishop Flaget rounded out the top three: Nilla Rajan, 7th grade, came in second place, while 6th grader Madison Ward finished 3rd.

District grade level winners include:

  • 4th grade: 1) Jeremy Oates, Allen; 2) Fred Myers, Tiffin

  • 5th grade: 1) Judea Harding, Worthington; 2) Tori Rinehart, Allen

  • 6th grade: 1) Austin Sprouse, Tiffin; 2) Madison Ward, Bishop Flaget

  • 7th grade: 1) Nilla Rajan, Bishop Flaget; 2) Austin Martinez, Chillicothe Middle School

  • 8th grade: 1) Claudine Noel, Chillicothe Middle School; 2) Emma Corcoran, Bishop Flaget

(Photo submitted by Ms. Brenda Southworth)

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