Woman Arrested after White Substance Found

A local woman arrested on a warrant was allegedly found with suspected drugs once at the jail.

According to a Chillicothe Police report, authorities pulled over a silver car for a red light violation on Saturday, February 17. Once officers approached the car they saw two individuals: driver Alvin Littleton and front passenger Sherri Parker.

Authorities said Parker was arrested after it was found she had an active warrant, while Littleton was issued a warning and released without incident.

Parker was then taken to Ross County Jail where she was searched. According to the report, authorities found that Parker had illegal contraband hidden inside of her body. Deputies reportedly produced a napkin that had a white rocky substance inside, presumed to be cocaine. They also allegedly found a metal pipe and a "Chore Boy" steel wool cleansing pad, or a device used to smoke crack cocaine.

The suspected cocaine was sent to BCI testing, and Parker was charged with illegal conveyance, authorities said.

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