Students Rewarded for Commitment to Anti-Drug/Alcohol Lifestyle

Nearly 500 drug-and-alcohol-free students will be bused to an indoor recreation facility, next week. Spanish teacher and Keys to Success (K2S) volunteer Greg Phillips said Chillicothe High School K2S seniors and freshmen will be taken to Triple Crown on Wednesday while sophomores and juniors go on Thursday for an afternoon of food and fun.

“This is just a reward for our students to let them know that we appreciate their efforts to stay drug and alcohol free,” said Phillips.

In fact, hundreds of CHS students have committed to this lifestyle, Phillips said.

“We got our final numbers in, and we had exactly 500 students at Chillicothe High School that have voluntarily drug tested, passed the drug tests, and are enrolled in that program, so that is incredible,” said Phillips. “This program continues to just grow exponentially.”

This May, CHS will hold its annual Keys to Success assembly where a white, Kia Forte, donated by Herrnstein Automotive, will be awarded to one K2S junior or senior through a random drawing, said K2S organizers.

(Jaymie Grim/The Cavalier)

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