The New Snapchat Update

On January 30th, the new Snapchat update released, and there have been mixed emotions about it. Most users are unhappy with the new formatting of the new social media app regarding the way users view story updates. For example, whenever someone takes a picture or a video, users were able to upload it to their story, which is where their friends were able to view it all on a specific page in chronological order if they swiped right from the camera view.

Now with the new update, stories are now ordered by whom you talked to last through messaging.

In the old update, users were able to view a friend’s story after they just watched it; however, now users have to go back to the profile and

watch it again instead of automatically having that option.

“Don’t get it; it’s trash," said CHS student Desmon Lewis.

Desmon and other students said their application updated automatically without their prior knowledge.

Despite all the negative criticisms of the new update, though, there is a bright side to it: the new update also includes new hair colors as well as styles for your Bitmoji character. The new hair colors are two toned, ombre, and rainbow-colored ombre. There are also new eye shapes, nose shapes, face shapes, accessories, and outfits.

The last feature of the new Bitmoji update is the selfie feature. Users can take a picture of themselves and the Bitmoji app creates a Bitmoji for the user based on the facial features presented in the photo.

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