Gaming and Robotics Club at CHS

Do you enjoy playing video games? Maybe board games? Maybe even participating in a robotics competition? If you said yes to any of these questions, you should look into visiting the Game and Robotics Club. There is no special process to join; you just show up!

The club meets up every Thursday after school. During game club, the room separates into three groups. The first group is the board and card games group--a favorite of the group being Dungeons and Dragons. Second is the computer group where they play electronic-based games. Finally, there is the robotics group that builds robots and tests them out. In addition, they also participate in robotics competitions with one coming up this Saturday.

What could be better than all of this? A Game Day that’s what! Game Day is a event at game club that normally happens twice every year and is a very special occasion. For Game Day, the club buys food and drink for the members. In addition, the club members bring in their consoles so the can play in big tournaments against their fellow members.

If any of this has convinced you, then you should show up! For further information, contact Mr. Brian Lewis or any of the senior club leaders:

Chad Park, Clark Coulter, or Austin Taylor.

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