Out-of-State Threats Made to CHS

Last Tuesday, social media and texting app threats were made to Chillicothe High School. Officials with the Chillicothe Police Department say the threats were from an out-of-state source and stemmed over pictures a person demanded from a female student.

The source of the threats reportedly said that he had planted a bomb in the CHS building complex and he would shoot up the school if they female student did not send pictures to him.

Officials say that the threats pose no danger to the students of CHS; Chillicothe Police brought in drug dogs and swept the whole building, revealing nothing.

Local officials say they have been working with state and government agencies to track down the source of the threats. Agencies involved include: Chillicothe Police, Ohio Highway Patrol, Homeland Security and police agencies from New York.

The investigation has now been handed over to New York agencies.

No further information has been released.

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