Browns Fan Plans Winless Parade

Who said losing wasn’t fun?

Last week, a fan of the Cleveland Browns secured the funds and licensing in order to hold a “perfect season winless parade” around the home stadium. The parade route will be in the shape of an oval around FirstEnergy Stadium to represent a zero, the amount of games the Browns have won this year.

The ten thousand dollars required to fund the event was obtained through a GoFundMe account and a $7,500 donation from Excedrin, who will sponsor the event if the Browns fail to win a game.

"Everything has been so negative around the Browns, this would just be a way to have some fun, and it's obviously a shot across the bow to the Browns owner," said Chris McNeil, the fan in charge of organizing the parade, in an interview with ESPN.

This isn’t the first time the Browns were in this situation. Last year a Christmas Eve win against San Diego was the only thing preventing a winless parade, with the $50,000 for that event donated to the Cleveland Food Bank.

After their loss to the Green Bay Packers last Sunday, Cleveland has a real chance of joining the 2008 Detroit Lions as the only teams to fail to win a single game in the regular season.

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