Local Band Plays at Apollo Records

On Saturday, November 26th, "From Another Planet", a local musical group, played in the basement of Apollo Records, a local record store.

The band plays original songs featuring screaming and heavy instrumentals. Although, this type of music is not for everyone, members of the Chillicothe Community gather in the basement of this small record store to listen to the bands latest EP. The audience at the show I attended ranged from ages 17 to 80. I, surprisingly, met an older woman who head-banged along with the younger crowd and seemed to be having just as good of a time, if not a better one.

"Just because I'm an older chick doesn't mean I don't know how to have a good time," she said.

The record store, Apollo Records, is owned by the band's drummer, Jesse Mitten, who also allows other bands to invade his store's basement to put on shows.

If you are looking for local bands to incorporate into your music taste, Mitten is definitely one of the best people to go to. His store includes an entire section dedicated to local bands who leave their CDs for him to sell or give away.

Be sure to check it out, and make sure to check the show schedules on the front door while you're there!