Best Gifts This Christmas

Thanksgiving took place last Thursday, which means the Christmas season is underway. If you are looking for the best gifts for the family, we here at CAVS News have put together a catalog of some sorts for great gift ideas.

First up let’s talk presents for the kids. According to, you can keep the kids active this winter with a hoverboard, which costs $165. If you’re looking for a Christmas classic, look no further than Elmo, who rings in at $25. Finally, you can write a letter to Santa to provide a giant stuffed unicorn, which retails at $79.

Next let’s talk tech. An easy way to get out of complicated gifts is to get a gift card to Best Buy or GameStop. If you’re looking for gaming systems in particular, the Nintendo Switch is good for all ages and retails at $299. Samsung released the Note 8 recently, and for $950 you can upgrade a friend or family member’s phone. Finally, the iPhone X released this year to compete with Samsung and offers a $999 product.

Now onto some gifts for the guys in your life. Almost every guy loves a brand new TV, and the Sony 55” 4K TV can be found at Best Buy for $799. In addition to time on the couch, every man has to shave at some point in his life, so Gillette's Fusion 5 razor would be an easy and thoughtful gift at $30.

Lastly, let’s look at gifts for the ladies. If sharing is caring, the new Keurig single-serve coffee maker would be a great choice for your money, coming in at $59. Everyone needs to stay warm in winter, so Walmart’s 3-in-1 hat, mittens, and scarf set for $34 might be the best choice for you. This last one is more neutral, but you can’t go wrong with a $25 Starbuck’s card to please the women in your life.

No matter who you are shopping for, take the time to research the deals to find the best gifts for your money this season. Shopping smart can result in awesome memories without putting a hole in your wallet.

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