Kings Island Halloween Haunt Preview

This Sunday, I will be attending the Kings Island Halloween Haunt for its last day. The park has been transformed from its original state to include 10 different Halloween mazes ranging in creepiness, three scare zones that cover large areas, and three different Halloween-themed shows.

The mazes include, but are not limited to: the "Slaughter House", a butchershop-themed horror experience, "Board 2 Death", which is a board-game-themed maze, and "The Field of Screams", a farm-themed maze.

The three “Scare Zones” are: "The Dance of the Macabre", which is masquerade-ball themed, "Freak Street", which has freaks of all shapes and sizes roaming around ready to terrify you, and finally "Wasteland," which is a post-apocalyptic themed area.

After I go, I will write a recap of my experience, but you can also catch my review of the Haunt on CAVS News, next week.

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